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Don’t let me lose my faith in humanity.

At the risk of sounding emo, or thoroughly pessimistic, I’ll just say that people suck. Sure, I have my handful of friends in my life that are purely amazing, whom make life worth living. But so often, I come across people that make me hate the world. In today’s society, we’re so “quick fix.” In relation to men and their lack of courting women, the lack of proper dating techniques, I’m disgusted. Yes, not every woman out there is worth you spending your money on, I get that. But there are huge red flags to be determined, that spending $5 on a coffee date can easily be revealed. People try to get as much as they can, for as little of a cost as they can. While that approach is perfectly appropriate in a DIY, cheap chic home restoration process, it is not in the dating scene. Just remember guys, you get what you pay for. Pay a premium for a quality girl, and you’ll get a quality girl. I firmly believe that if you invest in a good woman, she will increase your investment ten-fold. She will stimulate you, mind, body and soul. How do you find a good woman? Well don’t go about it with a “who has bigger boobs” kind of attitude. There’s a place to start. Just my random rant. Resume productive evening in.

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